Peterson Advantage

The Peterson Advantage

Peterson Construction is committed to providing our customers with top quality construction services at the best value. Most construction planning and management firms hire specialized subcontracting companies and tradesmen to perform each task in the construction of a project. The outcome of your project is then dependent upon the cost and schedule of many separate but critical professionals. Peterson Construction offers our customers maximum value and service by cutting out the middle man and employing a highly skilled construction team to self-perform excavation, concrete work, carpentry, masonry, and millwright work.
At Peterson Construction, we understand that two of the most important factors for any construction project are time and money. By self-performing many of the essential trades in construction, Peterson has ultimate control over:
  • Schedule. With separate subcontractors working on different phases of construction, there is often a lapse in time between when one contractor ends and another begins. Our team of construction professionals works together seamlessly to provide a quick and smooth transition from one phase of construction to the next.
  • Cost. When a construction planning and management firm must hire a general contractor or other subcontractors to complete the project, there is often a markup on their services to ensure they make a profit. We guarantee our construction services and materials are competitively priced by seeking quotes from subcontractors in each category. In this way, our customers are assured the tradesmen and construction professionals working on their project offer the best value.
  • Quality. Peterson Construction staffs some of the most dedicated and qualified professionals in the industry. We treat our employees like family, and we work hard for them so that they work hard for you. By working with Peterson Construction, you can ensure the same exceptional quality of work at every phase of the project.